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Live a healthy life when you start using supplements from Healthy Steps, LLC. Our business provides a wide array of selections to help you transform your body and your life, including Joint-Eze, Skinny Magic, and other exceptional selections that are the key ingredients to a healthy life. All of the selections we have to offer are made using pharmaceutical-grade raw materials, bottled in an FDA-approved facility, and made in the USA. Furthermore, we are proud to offer equine and canine supplements that you won’t find from other businesses.

Whether you are dealing with joint pain due to arthritis or having issues losing weight in a healthy manner, we are here for you. Our business has been providing our Heathy Steps products to people since 1998 and many individuals have rarely missed a month. Take a look at our Joint-Eze, Skinny Magic, and additional products and place an order with us today. Read more in our Resources section.

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Joint Eze helps relieve join discomfort and stiffness without drugs!

Joint Eze is a one of a kind product that offers a Full Spectrum Glucosamine/Chondroitin Supplement which combines all four types of Glucosamine with an ample amount of Sodium Ascorbate and manganese for total absorption.


While on active duty with the Air Force, I realized I needed to supplement my diet with a multi vitamin because of the difficult living conditions I experienced during my tours in Viet Nam.


After retirement I settled back in Tennessee, bought a home, started a business, joined a church, got into a civic club and raised a family.


I have been taking Healthy Steps products religiously since 1999 when I was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma.  This is a cancer of the lymph system caused by exposure to a defoliant spray in Viet Nam called "Agent Orange."  


I endured a year and a half of chemo and radiation treatment four years later when it recurred in my throat. 

All throughout these treatments my blood work remained normal and has even gotten better over the years.


I'll be 81 next year and I feel great thanks to Healthy Steps products!


Don Dallenbach

Lt.Col, USAF(Ret)